BEL: 03/296 04 16


BEL: 03/296 04 16



Our mission & vision

Dedicated to helping people.

Our Mission

Every day, tens of millions of people find themselves in a difficult situation due to hostilities, hunger, disease, and natural disasters. 
The Save Lives Foundation has a mission to provide maximum assistance to all those in need. 

Our Vision

Save Lives always strives to help as many people as possible. By joining forces, we can help millions of refugees and provide conditions for their comfortable living.

We attract hundreds of thousands of volunteers and constantly look for new suppliers.


What Make GR&OM Different

We do everything possible to rebuild nature.


We raise funds for educational and humanitarian programs for refugees around the world.


There are professional psychologists in our volunteer centers who help to comfort victims.


We help find new temporary or permanent housing, as well as sponsor refugee camps.

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Food, drinks, clothes, daily necessities, toys for children — we provide it all in our centers.